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Το Εθνικό Κογκρέσο του Κουρδιστάν συλλυπείται την κυβέρνηση, τον ελληνικό λαό και την Ελλάδα

Kurdistan National Congress/ KNK

Kurdistan National Congress/ KNK sends condolences to the people of Greece following the natural disaster of the wildfire that has hit Athena and the surrounding areas.


Mr. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

The people, The Parliament and the Government of Greece

We, the people of Kurdistan, are deeply saddened by your heavy loss during these days were many people has died and thousands of residents have been forced to flee for their lives and have sadly left their homes and works because of these horrible wildfires that your homeland have not witnessed before.

Our condolences to the families of the victims, the people, the Government and the Parliament of Greece. You´re not alone! Our heart go out to you. As other natural disasters, this too shall pass and Greece will remain strong.

May the souls of the dead rest in peace and hope the injured get to feeling better soon!

Kurdistan National Congress/ KNK


Nilufer Coach and Rebwar Rashed




                        Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdistanê    

                        Kurdistan National Congress

                       Congrès National du Kurdistan

                                         Rue Jean Stas 41 1060  Bruxelles  tel: 00 32 2 647 30 84  

             Homepage: www.kongrakurdistan.net     e-mail: kongrakurdistan@gmail.com



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